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20,000 km's for Movember

🙌 Join us on our quest to ride 20,000km's 🚴‍♀🚴 as a team during Movember to raise funds for mental health and suicide prevention, prostate cancer and testicular cancer.

➡ Open to ALL Helix members and the community

➡ Set up your profile, join the team and connect your Strava or Garmin accounts here -

➡ Fellas...get that mo 🧔 growing and share your progress as we strive towards 20,000 km's

➡ Ladies...get onboard, get cycling and send us pics of your favourite famous moustaches

Spread the word and help us ride 🚴‍♀🚴 20,000km's as a team during Movember for a worthy cause.

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